Essilor Lenses

Our Lens Supplier

We use premium lens supplier Essilor who were founded in 1849 and are responsible for the invention of the first varifocal lens in 1959 they have been innovating new designs since. There are numerous different designs to suit everyone’s specific needs.

Varifocal Lenses

Varilux X series

Designed for the individual who does a lot of eye scanning, rather than head movements. A very natural lens to use, providing a sharp fluid and continuous vision across the lens.

Varilux E-Series

Ideal for first time multifocal wearers. The E-series lens reduces image distortion which gives the user a more comfortable experience and aids in a quicker lens adaptation.

Varilux Physio

The Physio 3.0 delivers high resolution vision to the user in the distance, intermediate and near areas of the lens. This makes it very easy for the wearer to adapt to the lens.

Varilux Comfort Max

This lens design as the name suggests is comfortable to use with great ease of adaptation. One of the first original designs, priority is given to the distance zone. Suitability not targeted at those requiring a lot of time on near and intermediate visual tasks.