We supply and advise premium coatings with our Essilor lenses that help reduce glare reflections, improving lens performance, as well as giving an improved cosmetic finish to the lenses.

Crizal Prevencia

An Essilor innovation that selectively filters light for improved eye Health Protection. With an E-SPF of 35, it is designed to selectively filter out harmful Blue light, letting only essential light pass through.

Crizal Sapphire UV

Contains a combination of strong UV protection and anti-reflective efficiency. The coating provides front and back surface protection, offering full blocking protection from UV and harmful blue light. It also has a hydrophobic coating which will make it demist quicker.

Crizal Drive

As the name suggests, this is specifically designed for driving improving the visual experience and optimising visual comfort when you are driving. Reduces glare reflections by up to 90% when driving at night as compared with a normal hard-coated lens.