Lens Material Choices

We supply a range of lens materials for every prescription.

Our range of high index lenses is designed to make your glasses thinner, lighter and easier to wear. The choice of index will depend on your prescription. We recommend that all our high index lenses be supplied with an anti-reflective coating; higher index materials being much more reflective. The majority of these higher index lenses come with anti-reflective coatings as standard.

Lineis 1.74

Ultra-thin high performance lens ideal for higher prescriptions. Lineis material is 50% thinner than standard CR39 lenses. Lighter, thinner and flatter than other lens materials available. Available with tints, transitions and is compatible with all frame types.

Stylis 1.67

Perfect transparency every time. Up to 40% thinner 6 times more impact resistant than standard CR39. This stylish lens gives full UV A and UV B protection. Wide range of prescriptions available in this lens material.

Ormix 1.6

Offers excellent contrast and clear images. Ormix is 30% thinner than Orma 1.5 and affords good protection.

Orma 1.5

Available coated or uncoated. We have a range of uncoated single vision lenses in stock in the Stornoway branch, allowing us to give many patients a quick turnaround for basic prescriptions.