Sunwear Lenses


Lenses that change from clear to dark with daylight; lightening again on returning indoors (photochromatic). Many patients find these convenient; doing away with the need for separate clear-lens prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses

Transitions Signature Gen 8 (incorporating the new Style Colours range)

Lenses incorporating the latest nano-technology for photochromatic change with sunlight. This latest generation of transitions design is ideal for the fashion-conscious wearer; there being a wide selection of coloured tints available. Colours range from the iconic Brown, Graphite Green and Grey to the newer trending Style Colours Amber, Amethyst, Emerald and Sapphire. We have samples of all these colours in-store; facilitating the matching of your desired tint to the frame of your choice.

Transitions Xtractive

Specifically designed for those who spend more time outdoors and drive frequently. The redesigned lens vastly improves the issue of the tint not getting dark enough behind a car windscreen. These lenses do however have a pale residual tint when indoors. Some people find this residual tint useful; offering some comfort to wearer’s eyes in bright indoor conditions. Available in Brown, Graphite Green and Grey.

Transitions Style Mirrors

Lenses morph into a mirror coating; its innovative technology allowing you to have very fashionable photochromatic lenses. Available in four fashionable mirrored colour styles; Blue, Gold, Green and Silver.

Xperio Polarised sun lenses

Premium sunglass lenses. Polarisation was originally designed to significantly reduce reflected light in water or snow-based environments. Polarisation is the first choice for all sunglass tinting, offering the wearer comfortable clear vision in the brightest of conditions. This is particularly so in the Western Isles where there are large areas of freshwater and seawater surfaces. Winter low sun on wet road surfaces can often be extremely hazardous, as can a ‘Monkey’s Birthday’ (showers and sunshine). Xperio Polarised lenses are the most effective in such conditions, particularly behind a car windscreen. They also maintain good contrast and colour vision. Available in 6 colours which can also be graduated from dark at the top of the lens to pale at the bottom. 3 mirrored colours are also available.

Crizal SUN UV

Crizal SUN UV is an anti-reflective coating added to your sunglasses offering the highest level of protection.

E-mirror UV

We now offer fashionable mirror-tinted coatings which come in seven colours and two tint densities. E-mirror UV tinting therefore allows customisation of sunglass lenses to your desired preference.


A fashionable selection of tints for spectacle lenses providing an extensive range of colour, density and graduation.