In-store Fitting and Repair

If you wish to use this service please phone and book an appointment to make sure we have someone available to help you.

At both our practices we offer glasses fitting and repair. When you buy your spectacles form ourselves we want you to be completely satisfied with you product and its fit. So we offer free adjustment and refitting for the first 2 years. Should a fault develop with your product get in touch straight away and it may be that it is covered by warranty. Should an accident happen and your glasses get broken or eaten by you dog etc again please get in touch and we will do everything we can to put it right at a reasonable cost.

At this time we are not offering free adjustment and repair to glasses that are not purchased form ourselves. We would therefore urge you to get in touch with where you purchased them from first as part and repair are now often product specific. For small repair and temporary adjustment to help people out we will try our best to help. However, all repair to anything not purchased from ourselves will be done at your own risk and we will charge for this service.

The following are done at your own risk examples of cost are:

Setting up glasses single vision bought elsewhere £45.00
Setting up glasses varifocals bought elsewhere £55.00
New screw for glasses £5.00
New nose pad £5.00
Readjusting frames that is twisted £20.00
Refitting as lens that has fallen out metal frame £10.00
Refitting a lens that has fallen out plastic frame £10.00
Refitting a lens that has fallen out Supra cord £15.00
Redoing rimless frame plugs £20.00