Contact Lenses

As an independent practice R Doig Optometrists is able to offer a wide range of Contact Lenses available from manufacturers at competitive prices. As a member of the GOC and the College of Optometrists we make sure we always provide our patients with the most appropriate product for their needs. Contact lenses are a medical device and as you only get one set of eyes it is important to look after your contact lenses correctly and avoid the risks of having any complications associated from contact lens wear. We provide all-important aftercare services. Our Direct Debit system covers the cost of all regular aftercare visits as well as visits required for any issues that may arise from time to time.

A comprehensive soft contact lens fitting is only £50

This includes; fitting assessment; training on correct insertion and removal; demonstration of proper cleaning and care; of the contact lens. This only done by our professional staff to make sure we provide the best level of care. The fitting also generally includes 2 appointments or more, 1 of which is a follow-up review and comfort assessment after a successful free home trial of the contact lenses.

A complex lens fitting for medical reason or RGP £75

This requires a corneal mapping assessment with a topographer and usually 2 to 3 appointments to refine the fitting and teach the proper usage of these complex medical devices. Theses lenses are tailor-made to fit the surface of your eyes and correct your eyesight.

We also provide medical contact lens fitting and care on behalf of the Hospital Eye Service, on occasion this is covered by the NHS if there a medical condition that means contact lenses are the best option for sight improvement or medical therapy.

CL Aftercare for existing wearers £30
CL refitting for existing RGP wearer £45

Contact lenses

We offer nearly every contact lens on the market

Daily Disposable
Monthly Disposable
Planned Replacement
Annual Replacement
Rigid Gas Permeable

We also offer specialist lenses

Myopic control daily lenses – Proven to slow down the progression of myopia (short sightedness) in children into adulthood.

Noctural lenses – nightly worn lens used as safer alternative to Laser correction.

Corneal scleral lenses – larger than a standard soft contact lens, sometimes required for better stability, comfort and vision with a more complex shaped eye or prescription.

Scleral lenses – larger fitting lens sometimes used for improve cosmetic appearance of a damaged eye.