Ocular Diagnostic Tests

I-Care tonometry: was introduced in 2014 to replace the older, more familiar puff test, which patients often found unpleasant. This device manufactured in Finland, takes a quick accurate measurement of the intra-ocular pressure of the eye. Patients often comment on how less intrusive the test is. This is available in the Stornoway and Balivanich practices and on home visits.

Humphrey 830i Visual Fields: is often referred to as the peripheral vision test. This particular model is often considered the ‘gold standard’ visual field machine. It is the model that most Ophthalmologists use, and refer to, in the Hospital Eye Service. It is also approved by the DVLA for both Group 1 and Group 2 visual field assessments. We offer this at both our practices.

Optomap: As of 2020 we are pleased to offer Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging of the eye. Most retinal images only cover 45 degrees to the retina. With this modern equipment we can now see out to 200 degrees. This machine was invented by Douglas Anderson in Scotland, after his son suffered a retinal detachment and lost the sight in that eye when 5 years old. He struggled to understand why standard eye assessments could miss a detachment, so he invented a machine to look at more of the retina. He then monitored his son regularly and discovered a detachment in his only good eye. This was then treated; thus saving his son’s sight. From there he developed the product into what it is today. We highly recommend everyone get an ultrawide scan of their eyes carried out. Optomap scan is £25.

Optical Coherance Topography (OCT): This takes a series of images through layers of the eye using light technology. This then creates a 3D mapping of the central retina using light interference patterns. It is very useful for diagnosing and monitoring macular conditions and optic nerve issues in Glaucoma as well as many other functions and values. This is offered competitively at £25 a scan. This will be discounted to £15 if on benefits.